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Consistently using proven A.I. Sires with high accuracy for Calving Ease, Growth, Carcass, and Disposition Traits  

Recently Used Sires

  • PVF Insight 0129

    • Reg. #16805884

    • Sires eye-appealing females and stout, powerful sons with moderate birth weights and solid growth, muscle, and maternal function

  • Basin Payweight

    • Reg. #17038724

    • Moderately framed and deep with a lot of body mass; this is a calving ease sire that  adds muscle, substance, and fleshing ability

  • EXAR Denver 2002B

    • Reg. # 17160560

    • Adds depth, power, and performance, with excellent feet and leg structure 

  • B/R Destination 727-928

    • Reg.#13286246

    • Outstanding elite growth and carcass sire with breed-leading marbling, tenderness genetics, and overall beef value

  • Connealy Consensus 7729

    • Reg. #16447771

    • Outcross pedigree with powerful stature and outstanding phenotype

  • EXAR Upshot 0562B

    • Reg. #16541214

    • Produces calves with tons of muscle and length, with very correct structure

  • Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36

    • Reg. #16925771

    • Incredible performance and heavily muscled, with impressive calving ease and growth

  • Connealy Comrade 1385

    • Reg. #17031465

    • Impressive body mass and a striking profile with good feet and legs

  • A A R Ten X 7008 S A

  • EXAR Classen 1422B

Legacy Sires Used in the Past

BR New Day 454

S A V Net Worth 4200

Rito 9M25 of Rita 5F56 Pred

B/R New Frontier 095

B/R Destination 727-928

B/R Ambush 28R

BR New Day 454
S A V  Net Worth 4200.jpg
Rito 9M25.jpg
BR-New Frontier 095.jpg
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