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a herd Built with economically important traits in mind

Located in the endless mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania, Autumn Oaks Farm strives to produce superior registered black Angus. Utilizing top-notch genetics, we focus on producing calves with outstanding growth, carcass, calving ease, and disposition traits that will grow into herd-influencing cattle.

Today's herd has been heavily influenced by Rishel Angus' genetics. For many years, we worked closely with Bill Rishel to improve our herd's genetics. Using modern breeding techniques such as flushing and artificial insemination, we've been able to create the economically and structurally sound herd that resides in our pastures today. 

Currently, we are offering a selection of animals from our closed herd. With genetics stemming from the cattle listed on our "Donors" and "Sires" pages, you will find a more detailed description of what we have to offer on our "For Sale" page.

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